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Hi! I'm the fun and crazy lady behind the camera. When you book me, you aren't only getting amazing pictures - you get ME. I give it my all - my heart, my positive energy, my patience, my fun personality, my singing and dancing skills, that make kids and parents relax and giggle, and so much more. I'm not afraid to get down and dirty and look like a fool for one-of-a-kind pictures that YOU deserve! I'm all about capturing your true personality, inner beauty, joy, emotion, love and the way your eyes sparkle when you look at someone that you love. I'm down to travel anywhere you want me to.
Get ready to laugh, have a good time and make those priceless memories that you will cherish forever!

I'm GG.

Proud Veteran's Wife.
Boy and Basset Hound Mom.
Identical Twin.
Breast Cancer Survivor.
Legacy Preserver.

"If you don't think photos are important,
wait until they are all you have left."

"I have no words...
This is why you get photos done, so you have these beautiful tangible memories, these stages of life frozen in time. To remember. To never ever forget those days that can sometimes seem so long. To stop for a bit and just enjoy each other and let the laughter be captured so that you can just soak it in and one day look back and wish you could return. Wish you could go back to that day for just a minute. So that you can feel the air, smell the earth around you every time you look at those pictures and hold those babies again.
I guess I do have the words.
GG is so very talented."
-Shannon Caudle-

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